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Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock During 2022 Academy Awards

The 94th Academy Awards took the audience on a extremelyinteresting course in its final hour. Chris Rock took the stage as a host to announce the winner of the Best Documentary feature. Before the announcement, Rock made a few jokes and even a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s haircut, which is the result of her battle with alopecia. Alopecia was an illness she was diagnosed in the year 2018.

Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock During 2022 Academy Awards


In what seems to be an incident that was unscripted, Will Smith then got out from his seat and went his place on stage and slapped Rock prior to returning his place. Although ABC stopped the sound, Smith could be seen shouting “Keep my wife’s name out of your f-cking mouth,” while Rock attempted to continue his monologue

“Oh wow,” Rock was saying immediately following the slap. “Will Smith just smacked the sh-t out of me. Wow, dude. It was a GI Janejoke.”

Smith repeated his lines, but before Rock continued to add “I’m going to, okay?” Smith, a comedian and SNL alumni was clearly shaken and trying to find his clues in order to continue his monologue. After a couple of seconds comedians were able carry on.

Smith will be in attendance at awards ceremony for the third time for his Oscar nomination. Smith is a part of 2 awards for this season: the Best Actor for his performance as Richard Williams on the film The King Richard and the Best Picture for the production of that identical film.

The actor made headlines in the year 2000 by assisting in the payment of his co-stars with money from his own pockets after Warner Brothers opted to move the film to HBO Max. “The first time we talked, I saw a little bit of a flash,” Smith stated to EW about his part in the film. “He was one of the most misunderstood people during that time. Nobody got it…He was so far ahead in terms of the balance between pushing and protecting, [and] had a savant-level comprehension of when those moments were.”

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