Marvel Directors Tease Loki Season 2’s Unexpected Stories

While Doctor Strange and the public still don’t know much about the Multiverse, Disney+ would have made it clear that the Phase 4 focus was on Loki. The Marvel series, directed by Tom Hiddleston, not only featured the God of Mischief confronting himself and the Time Variance Authority but also provided information about Variants, timelines, and Who Remains.

Marvel Directors Tease Loki Season 2’s Unexpected Stories


The final episode of Season 1’s series saw Sylvie, a female Loki Variant who was Loki’s love interest, kill He Who Remains. This seemingly liberated the Multiverse and its branches timelines. Loki, who is now trapped in a TVA from another timeline, attempts to warn others about the coming Kang, the Conqueror.



Marvel returned to the Multiverse in Spider-Man: Home and What If …?, but it is still unknown if the events of Loki were responsible. This mystery will be investigated in Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness. However, it has been confirmed that Loki’s story will continue. Now, the series’ directors are sharing their thoughts with fans about Season 2.

Season 2 Surprises revealed by new Loki Directors

Fans are now learning more about the upcoming season of Loki just before Marvel’s Moon Knight premiere on Disney+.

ComicBook spoke to Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, Season 2 directors of Loki. They also directed Episodes 2 through 4 of Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight. The duo shared their appreciation for the characters’ surprising stories and how they relate to them.

“We know that Loki and Moon Knight are what appeals to us, but it’s only among the MCU. They feel like outsiders. We can relate to that.

Although Oscar Isaac has yet to portray Marvel’s new character, fans know Moon Knight will be a different story in regards to his battle with Dissociative Identity Disorder as well as his multiple identities.

Loki’s path to villainy began when he was adopted and made different by Thor. The series has made Loki a hero, but the God of Mischief remains a hero of another kind.

Moorhead teased what Loki‘s season 2 will bring. He mentioned the “new and “unexpected,”, as well as how the “get (they) to do whatever they want”

“I think Loki is the best thing. It’s a lot like Moon Knight. There’s no reason to do it if there’s nothing new and fresh. Marvel doesn’t seem to want to leave unless they feel the unexpected. Like Moon Knight, and especially because Moon Knight is a character about which almost nothing is known. It’s coming soon, right? So now our hands are free and we can do what we like. We get excited about the unexpected, and so does Marvel. We hope people will feel the same and we’ll bring that excitement to Loki.

How will Doctor Strange 2 and Quantumania affect Loki Season 2

Similar to WandaVision Disney+ was mysterious in terms of who was really in control and what was actually going on, as well as what the main characters would do. In terms of design and style, they were completely different from any other series or even MCU films.

Fans are happy to hear that Marvel and Loki continue to embrace the “new” as well as the “unexpected”. This means that Season 2 will not be a rerun of Season 1 but rather, a continuation to the ongoing story.

It’s worth noting that Season 1 had some restrictions that Season 2 didn’t.

Doctor Strange, Multiverse of Madness will have an impact on Loki next season due to its multiversal story. According to rumors, members of the Loki Cast are likely to appear in the upcoming movie, setting the stage for the next chapter.

Additionally, Jonathon Minors’ Kang the Conqueror has been confirmed for Ant-Man, the Wasp and Quantumania. This means that the future events could dictate what Loki’s writers or directors will do on Disney+.

It remains to be seen how Loki‘s new directing team will balance the unexpected with predetermined story beats. However, fans can see the work of Moorhead & Benson in Moon Knight and hopefully get some answers in Doctor Strange which airs May 6, 2022.

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