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Sharon Stone has been choose to play the character of the villain in a DC movie-MCCposts 2022

In 2016, Sharon Stone, actress , announced that she would be appearing in the Marvel movie. Although nothing has happened six years later, those of you who have been waiting for the basic instinct to make an impact on the modern superhero movie world are in luck. Stone will be playing the main antagonist in the Blue Beetle DC Extended Universe movie.
Sharon Stone has been choose to play the character of the villain in a DC movie

Sharon Stone reportedly boarded Blue Beetle in order to play Victoria Kord (a new character for the movie). Long-time DC fans will recognize her last name as Ted Kord, who is the second Blue Beetle to hold the title decades before Jaimes Reyes became the protagonist in this movie. The Wrap shared the news that Mayans M.C. star Raoul Max Trujillo was cast as Carapax, the Indestructible Men, who is a character from the comics.

Sharon Stone will be appearing in Blue Beetle for the second time. She previously appeared opposite Halle Berry on the critically-acclaimed Catwoman. Stone has been alternating between television and movies in recent years. Her credits include Running Wild, The Disaster Artist, and The Laundromat. She also made small screen appearances such as Agent X and Mosaic. Stone will also be appearing in the next season of HBO Max’s The Flight Attendant.



Many DC fans will be curious about Ted Kord’s role in Blue Beetle now that Sharon Stone has been revealed as the lead antagonist. Deadline heard that Victoria is Ted’s wife. Does that mean that Ted is trying to portray him in an antagonistic way in the movie? Or will he be disapproving of his wife’s plotting? It is important to note that Jaime Reyes is the movie’s Blue Beetle. So don’t expect Ted to be dressed up in his Blue Beetle costume. It’s difficult to imagine Ted being reimagined in the DCEU as a villain, given his heroic past and the fact that Jaime was mentored by Ted during DC Rebirth.


Sharon Stone’s casting raises more questions about the future of Blue Beetle. Cobra Kai Star Xolo Marduena will portray Jaime ReyesThe Blue Beetle Cast also includes BrunaMarquezine and Harvey Guillen. The script was written by Miss Bala and Charm Cities‘s Angel Manuel Soto.


Originally intended to be an HBO Max exclusive, Blue Beetle will now arrive in theaters starting August 18, 2023. To see what other DCEU movies are in store, take a look at our guide to upcoming DC movies .

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