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Morbius-In the past few times, Sony Pictures has been creating their own, interconnected series of Marvel films, starting by releasing Venom in 2018 and stretching across several films including the most recent, that is Morbius.
Morbius Movie Review: Jared Leto’ Entry Is not so good & Unoriginal


But, even though the company’s Spider-Man Universe has adapted some of the most famous villains from Peter Parker but the live-action movie does not have its own webhead at this point. In the meantime, Sony has confirmation that their Venom and Morbius films are linked to the MCU through the multiverse, as seen within Spider-Man The Last of Us. However, until Sony unveils Spider-Man into their live action universes, the films have to stand on their merits.

Unfortunately, Morbius does not. Despite a stellar performance by Jared Leto, Morbius is a sloppy origin story of a superhero, offering superficial reenactments of superior films.

Leto is the lead in the film as the character of Dr. Michael Morbius, a scientist suffering from an illness of the blood that Dr. Michael Morbius has dedicated his entire life to finding an answer. He’s able of resolving his own problems by splicing his DNA to vampire bats’ DNA however, he transforms himself into a living vampire during the process. Michael is granted certain abilities, such as the ability to build strength and hearing, but he requires blood to order to stay alive.

Michael’s life gets complicated when his best friend from childhood Milo (Matt Smith) suffers from the same disease is able to steal the same serum that healed Michael and transforms into a vampire living in addition.

Together with co-scientist Martine Bancroft (Adria Arjona) and his father character Nicholas (Jared Harris), Michael must find the means to stop Milo’s brutal rampage through New York City, all while trying to avoid being detained from FBI agent Simon Stroud (Tyrese Gibson) and Al Rodriguez (Al Madrigal).

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Produced and directed by Daniel Espinosa (Life, Safe House) Based on a script written by the team composed of Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless (Dracula Untold, Gods of Egypt), Morbius is a search for new ground to explore in a sea of superhero films which have exhausted the conventional origin story in the past two decades.

The story for Morbius follow the same pattern that most superhero movies’ origin stories do however, the area where Sazama and Sharpless’s script is a struggle is with character development. instead of dwelling on the person Michael really is, Morbius spends longer explaining the specific capabilities and abilities he develops by virtue of his vampirism.

He uses the same to create a variety of exciting action scene. However, without a compelling story about the character that is the core of it the action set pieces are mediocre and don’t create a compelling narrative that can Morbius aside from the plethora of superhero films that are already out there.

In their roles, the Morbius actors do their best using the material they’re given. Leto’s Michael is a great hero, however he’s lacking in motivation and personality. Michael begins by dedicating himself to finding a solution, however, once he’s finished it’s as if the film doesn’t know what the next step is for him. With no hero to be the primary focus of the film Smith’s Milo is the most clear character, even if it’s because he has a sense of personality, and his motives are clear.

In this way, Smith stands out of Morbius however this isn’t much to say considering that Milo continues to be a standard villain, even in comparison to Marvel film standards. Milo does fall into the same trap that many MCU villains. He is equipped with the same abilities as heros, but the villain is evil. The other members characters in the Morbius support characters are decent however they don’t make any impression.

Matt Smith in Morbius

The thing that is most disappointing concerning The Morbius movie is that there are elements in the movie that would have been used to make the film more enjoyable. At the beginning of the film the film, when Michael is transformed into vampire, he stalks the mercenaries who are on a ship in a thrilling scene that amplifies the terror (though it’s hampered by the film’s rating of PG-13).

Espinosa tries to play with horror in a scene later however the film is too preoccupied about remaining a superhero film to take it to the extreme of terror. In the same way, the relationship of Michael as well as Milo is intended to be the central character of the movie, however it’s not developed to the extent that it deserves.

Thus, when Milo is portrayed as a villain it’s not a huge emotional hit. In the final, Morbius has intriguing concepts and ideas, but Espinosa’s performance in front of the camera as well as Sazama’s along with Sharpless for the screenplayresult in a stuttering film.

This means that the film isn’t an essential film within the Sony Spider-Man Universe. People who are already keen on seeing Morbius might be able to find something they like particularly Leto and Smith’s performance. The most notable thing that the film has going for it is its MCU connections that were teased by Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes (aka Vulture) appearing in the initial trailer.

But, the connections are not that great and a bit baffling. Therefore, while Marvel movie fans may be thrilled by the appearance of Vulture however, casual viewers or people who don’t love superhero films as much will probably be able to get by with this one.

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Morbius comes out in open at U.S. theaters Thursday evening the 31st of March. It runs 104 minutes and is rated PG-13 for violent scenes of violence, some terrifying images, and a brief violent words.


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