KGF Chapter 2 Movie Review - Yash and Sanjay dutt steal the spotlight in this action flick

KGF Chapter 2 Movie Review – Yash and Sanjay dutt steal the spotlight in this action flick

KGF Chapter 2 starring Yash and Sanjay Dutt is a paisa vasool action comedy. The film is a worthy sequel of KGF: Chapter 1 and features a number of goosebumps-inducing build up scenes.
KGF Chapter 2 Movie Review - Yash and Sanjay dutt steal the spotlight in this action flick
KGF Chapter 2 Movie Review – Yash and Sanjay dutt steal the spotlight in this action flick

It’s time to light up your screens with Yash’s KGF Chapter 2. It’s quite literal. KGF: Chapter 1 ended on a high note, and kept curiosity alive for more than 3.5 years. Yash and Prashanth Neel, the director of KGF: Chapter 2, are back in action.

After killing Garuda, Raja Krishnappa Bairya (AKA Rocky Bhai) is now the ruler over Kolar Gold Fields. Prakash Raj said that Rocky, with his quick wit and clever thinking, has created an indestructible empire within KGF. His enemies help him to expand his empire. It becomes a battle between machismo from here. Prime Minister Ramika Sen (Raveena Tangon) is worried about the meteoric rise to Rocky Bhai. How will they deal with Rocky forms?

Prashanth Neel, like Baahubali did an excellent job in establishing the characters as well as the plot of the first part. KGF Chapter 2 shows how the enemies are unable to deal with Rocky’s rise to the position of messiah for the masses. This sequel is a great addition because it has plenty of meat. Rocky only has one dream to fulfill and he fears nothing.

KGF Chapter 2 by Prashanth Neel is filled with’mass’ moments for Yash and Sanjay Dutt. These scenes are plentiful and occur at regular intervals to get us excited for what’s to come. Prashanth discovered a terrifying villain with Sanjay Dutt. He is roughly the same weight as the hero.

Every scene, whether it’s Rocky’s intro sequence or the climax fight with Sanjay and Yash Dutt is beautifully shot and draws us into KGF. The film’s problem is its slow pace. Some sequences that feature Srinidhi Shietty and Yash’s flashback scenes slow down the film’s momentum. The overall pace is affected.

Yash is a flamboyant Rocky Bhai. He has given life to the role and is comfortable with the snarky dialogues. They are his and it works. Similar to Adheera by Sanjay Dutt, inspired by the Vikings and terrorized by his violent actions, Even though Sanjay has less screen time, his performance is still effective. Raveena Tandon’s performance as the PM Of India is earnest.

Srinidhi Shrika Shetty’s role in the story is very disappointing and challenging. Rocky takes her home because he regards her as his ‘entertainment. Rocky doesn’t touch her because he believes women and children can’t be touched without their consent. Isn’t it quite contradicting? These contradictory ideas make it difficult to understand the character’s intentions.

KGF: Chapter 2’s stunt sequences deserve a special mention. They are imaginative, grand and don’t defy logic in many places. Yash Dutt and Sanjay dutt are depicted as two invincible men. However, they do get shot at and hurt when pitted against one another.

Ujwal Kulkarni, editor, is a skilled and efficient writer. The editing style is a bit sloppy in places, however. KGF: Chapter 2 has been elevated to a new level by Ravi Basrur and Bhuvan Gowda, cinematographers.

KGF Chapter 2 is an immersive sequel that features many clapworthy moments for the audience. The finale is cathartic, and beautifully shot. Be on the lookout for this sequence!

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